Israel's Vaunted Democracy, Except For That Little Disenfranchisement Issue

Abby Zimet

Lots of press on Israel's election and who won - the right wing again, just barely - but very little on who lost: the at least one in four people living in Israel for whom voting is not a right, but "a privilege dependent on geography and ethnicity." In recognition of the millions of Palestinians watching the unfolding of elections they cannot vote in, here are the late-arriving results from the Occupied Territories.

With 100% of Ballots Counted, here's how the following localities voted -

Ramallah (pop 400000 )
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

Nablus (pop 150000 ):
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

Al-Khalil (pop 250000 )
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

Qalqilya (pop 50000 )
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

Bethlehem (pop 30000)
Total Ballots Cast: 0*


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Tulkarem (pop 70000)
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

Jericho (pop 20000)
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

Jenin (pop 50000)
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

Gaza (pop 1.7 million)
Total Ballots Cast: 0*

*Palestinians living under Israeli state control in occupied territory have no right to vote for the government that rules them.

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