All Further Articles for 2013-01-23

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Aaargh. Fox.
In response to all these shootings, Fox "News" and its resident "psychiatrist" believe the problem is not guns but that Obama advocates “disempowering the individual,” also "hijacked," "abandoned," "Machiavellian," "clubs," and don't forget welfare moms. God love freedom of speech, but damn: People out there are listening to this idiocy.
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Israel's Vaunted Democracy, Except For That Little Disenfranchisement Issue
Lots of press on Israel's election and who won - the right wing, just barely - but very little on who lost: the at least one in four people in Israel for whom voting is not a right, but "a privilege dependent on geography and ethnicity." In honor of millions of Palestinians watching elections they cannot vote in, here are the late-arriving results from the Occupied Territories.
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