Power At All Costs: Virginia GOP Pull Redistricting Dirty Trick Because It Seems That's Just Who They Are

Abby Zimet

How Low Can You Go Dept: Operating under their party's time-tested belief that if you can’t win at the ballot box, cheat, Virginia Republicans rammed a surprise redistricting plan to maximize GOP seats through a tied Senate while Sen. Henry Marsh (D), a 79-year-old black civil rights veteran, was at Obama’s inaugural celebrating national unity and our political process. The move was a surprise to almost everyone - including Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell - except the creeps who came up with it. After the vote, the Senate adjourned in honor of Confederate General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson - on Martin Luther King Day. Angry Democrats say they will fight the bill. Rachel Maddow isn't too happy with it, either.

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