All Further Articles for 2013-01-22

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Plaza de Joe Strummer
The Spanish city of Granada will rename a square for punk legend and Clash frontman Joe Strummer. His connections to the city ranged from an interest in the Spanish Civil War and leftist playwright Federico García Lorca to working with a local band. B acking the name change was the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, who said Strummer embodied the "atmosphere of youth, rebellion, night and rock." "S panish Bombs " in More.
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Power At All Costs: Virginia GOP Pull Redistricting Dirty Trick Because It Seems That's Just Who They Are
Operating under their time-tested belief that if you can’t win legally, cheat, Virginia Republicans rammed a surprise redistricting plan to maximize GOP seats through a tied Senate while Sen. Henry Marsh (D), a black civil rights veteran, was at Obama’s inaugural celebrating national unity and due process. After the vote, the Senate adjourned in honor of Confederate General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. On Martin Luther King Day. Democrats and Rachel Maddow are not happy.
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Monday, January 21, 2013
Don't Use His Fire: Why Cornel West Is Upset Obama Was Sworn In On Martin Luther King's Bible
An impassioned Cornel West objects to Obama's use of MLK's Bible as "a moment of political calculation" without also acknowledging "the challenge (King) presents to all those in power, no matter what color." Citing our ongoing wars and drones, West insists the tradition that gave birth to the fiercely anti-war King must not be "sanitized, deodorized, sterilized."
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