All Further Articles for 2013-01-17

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Aaron Swartz Prosecutor Releases Statement, Which Gets Deservedly Shredded
A week after his suicide, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz has defended her prosecution of Aaron Swartz as "appropriate," despite charges from his family and legal observers that it was so harsh and vindictive it contributed to his death. Many blame Ortiz, who was reportedly insisting on prison time, for abusing an already flawed plea bargain system that allows prosecutors to threaten extreme "possible" punishments to force scared defendants into guilty pleas. "For the majority of defendants, the plea bargaining process is the justice system. As a result, prosecutors wield an immense amount of power with very little accountability."
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On Kiddie Human Shields, Gun-Deprived Homophobes and Other Theories By Imploding Right-Wingers
Some hysteria was to be expected from right-wing responses to Obama's gun-control proposals, but many - more death panels! guns ripped from gay-marriage-hating pastors! your freedom reduced to ashes! - have outdone themselves. Taking the crazy cake is Michelle Malkin, who told Fox News Obama was guilty of "child abuse and political malpractice" for using chiildren as “kiddie human shields” by inviting them to see him do what they asked him to do. She called this "a time-tested tactic of the left." This is on which planet?
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111 Blacked Out Pages Is How Much the DOJ Wants You to Know About Your Right to Privacy
In some kind of sick, grim joke, the Department of Justice has responded to an ACLU lawsuit seeking its guidelines on when we can be surreptitiously tracked with 111 pages of documents almost entirely redacted, thus offering a middle finger to those asking officials to set limits on their own powers, or even tell us what those powers are. The lawsuit sought clarification on a 2011 Supreme Court decision banning use of GPS technology without a warrant. "How much privacy do Americans have in their movements? Exactly as much as law enforcement agents believe they must give us."
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Obama One Lousy Socialist: Corporate Profits Up 171%
Despite endless, unseemly whining about the hardships they've suffered under Comrade Obama, U.S. corporations have seen profits soar 171% to their highest post-war levels - twice their peak under Reagan, and the highest since 1900. Meanwhile, workers' wages have never been a lower share of the economy. How much more data does there need to be? Listen up, oh martyred CEOs: Share the wealth, or at least stop your damn, delusional whining.
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