Obama One Lousy Socialist: Corporate Profits Up 171%

Obama One Lousy Socialist: Corporate Profits Up 171%

Abby Zimet

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Despite endless, unseemly whining about the hardships they've suffered under Comrade Obama, U.S. corporations have seen profits soar 171% to their highest post-war levels - twice their peak under Reagan, and the highest growth rate since 1900, according to new analysis by Bloomberg. The flip side: As a share of the economy, corporate profits have never been higher, and workers' wages have never been lower. How much more data does there need to be for these idiots to stop complaining about the "anti-business" climate created by our own alleged Hitler/Mussolini/unnamed Muslim dictator? Listen up, oh great unwashed masses of martyred "job creators": Start creating jobs, or at least stop your damn, delusional, loathsome whining.

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