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On Kiddie Human Shields, Gun-Deprived Homophobes and Other Theories By Imploding Right-Wingers

by Abby Zimet

A certain level of hysteria was to be expected from right-wingers' responses to Obama's gun-control proposals, but many - death panels for doctors! guns ripped from the godly hands of pastors who preach against abortion and homosexuality! Obama intent on "reducing your (sic) freedom to ashes! - have outdone themselves. Taking the crazy cake is Michelle Malkin, who told Fox News Obama was guilty of "child abuse and political malpractice" for using chiildren as “kiddie human shields” - ie: inviting to the event kids who wrote him letters asking him to do what he'd just done - to advance his agenda. If you live in the world and occasionally listen to its noises, it's not altogether surprising there are people who "think" like this. But for these people to have a national platform from which to spew their rantings is....Just wow. In a similar, you-gotta-laugh-or-cry vein, Funny Or Die takes on the latest, memorable NRA ad.

“This is a time-tested tactic of the left using kiddie human shields to deflect tough questions about the costs and consequences of these often reckless and rash public policy decisions that are born of emotionalism and unfortunately exploitation...What these Democrats do is use children very cynically to try and deflect accountability for their actions — and in this case very imperial actions on the part of the president."





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