All Further Articles for 2013-01-15

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
For Aaron, A Tiny (Moving) Bit of Civil Disobedience
Responding to the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz, online activists from The Archive Team have created in his honor the Aaron Swartz Memorial JSTOR Liberator - a button allowing users to “liberate” articles from JSTOR, the academic database Swartz accessed, for which he was later prosecuted and persecuted. In other tributes, Anonymous hacked MIT's website, others posted JSTOR content on The Pirate Bay, and Swartz' family has set up a memorial website. "In his memory, this small site might serve to help more people learn who he was and what he believed in. Archive Team misses Aaron very much." Updates : 1. A White House petition demanding the removal of D.A. Carmen Ortiz, who led the case against Aaron Swartz, has received over 32,000 signatures - more than enough to mandate a response. 2. Rep. Zoe Lofgren has proposed a change to the Computer Fraud Act called Aaron's Law.
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A Wave of Negative Impressions, Which Are Accurate, But Still
With Obama's re-election, Allen West's defeat and polls showing nobody much likes or wants to join them, Tea Partiers are trying to rebrand themselves in Florida. Some have re-named themselves the National Liberty Federation, which admittedly sounds cool. Others want to keep the name but overhaul the image. But just think: What if their problem isn't just branding, but that there are actually fewer racist, misinformed zealots? Anything's possible. Just sayin'. “They won. We lost. They have a message that appeals to the masses. We don’t."
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