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Monday, January 14, 2013
Getting Ready for the Next Revolution. No, Not With Hammers. Yes, With the Help of A Still-Clueless NRA
One month to the day after the Sandy Hook massacre, its grieving families announced the creation of an anti-violence initiative. But there are signs they may have their hard work cut out for them. First and most mind-bogglingly, the NRA has just released a new smart-phone shooter game for ages four and up . Do you need to hear more? Okay: GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn said on the tee vee that hatchets, hammers, video games, cars and “psychotropic drugs” for the mentally ill are behind our national bloodshed, not guns, silly. And a record crowd of over 10,000 turned out at a California gun show to get "ready for the next revolution."
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