Congress Loses Out to Cockroaches, Root Canals, Brussel Sprouts and Lice

Abby Zimet
A new poll finds that Congress, with a surreally dismal 9% favorability rating, comes out behind when tested against 26 reasonably universally disliked things, including traffic jams, colonoscopies, Genghis Khan, NFL replacement refs, the band Nickelback and the country of France. They did beat out telemarketers, gonorrhea, North Korea and the Kardashians. So....there's hope? Sigh.
Lice: 67% Congress: 19% approval
Brussel Sprouts: 69% Congress: 23%
Replacement refs: 56% Congress: 29%
Colonoscopies: 58% Congress: 31%
Root canals: 56% Congress: 32%
Traffic jams: 56% Congress: 34%
Used car salesmen: 57% Congress: 32%
Carnies: 39% Congress: 31%
France: 46% Congress: 37%
Nickelback: 39% Congress: 32%
Genghis Khan: 41% Congress: 37%
Political pundits: 37% Congress: 34%
Donald Trump: 44% Congress: 42%
Cockroaches: 45% Congress: 43%


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