All Further Articles for 2013-01-07

Monday, January 7, 2013
Corporations are People, My Friend, Which Is Why One's Riding In My Car With Me
When Jonathan Frieman got stopped and ticketed by a California cop for driving alone in a designated carpool lane, he happily argued he wasn't alone: He had his imaginary friend, his corporation papers, with him. An activist, lawyer, blogger and non-profit consultant who has opposed the growth of corporate power since before the Citizens' United ruling, Frieman says he's prepared to fight to the Supreme Court to “expose the impracticality of corporate personhood.” Ha. Whatever works.
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The Logical Solution: Ban Politicians Who Assault Our God-Given, Shoot-'Em-Up Rights, Not Guns, Blah Blah
Hoping to “strike the fear of God in gun-grabbing politicians" and thus prove they're not gonna just roll over amidst all this silly fuss about those poor children at Sandy Hook, a coalition of gun advocates and conservatives have declared Jan. 19 "Gun Appreciation Day" so supporters will flood gun stores and ranges to protest Obama's willingness to "trample the Constitution to impose its dictates upon the American people” by denying their right to die at the unregulated hands of gun-owners because freedom and values and. The same day, the NRA is hosting a tutorial on semi-automatics. Same "reasons." Sigh. "If, as this president claims, the American people are at risk from murderous rampagers, the logical solution is to arm, not present a docile target.”
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As the World Turns
Oh To Be A Fly on the Wall: Here's John Boehner at the swearing-in ceremony of New York Rep. Sean Maloney, along with Maloney's husband Randy Florke and two of their three children. The same day Boehner met another gay spouse - of Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan - Congressional spouse pin and all. The day before, Boehner had reiterated his anti-gay marriage stance. Congress, family, irony, bigotry may never be the same.
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