All Further Articles for 2013-01-02

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Argh: House GOP Votes To Support the Sanctity of Wife-Beating and Other Traditional Values
Despite the fact that for 18 years Democrats and even Republicans have agreed it's a good thing to fund programs to combat domestic violence against women, the House has refused to renew a Violence Against Women Act that was expanded to include immigrant, LGBT and Native American victims. They refused because.... Actually, we don't know why. These people are contemptible.
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Who Gets the Money: Disney, NASCAR, Sachs
With fiscal cliff coverage focused on Democrats, Republicans and the rich, a key negotiating partner has been left out: corporations, and roughly $200 billion in corporate handouts, aka "tax extenders," at stake. Matt Stoller looks at eight under-reported subsidies dangled as carrots in the fight, including $9 billion for off-shore loopholes, $1.6 billion for Goldman Sach's fancy new headquarters, and safety incentives to persuade mining companies not to kill their workers.
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