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Bafflingly, Women Unhappy with Priest's Claim They Ask For Domestic Violence with Cold Dinners, Dirty Houses and Scanty Clothing

by Abby Zimet

Father Piero Corsi has sparked outrage in Italy with a Christmas message posted on the door of his church arguing that women suffer sexual violence because they neglect housework and children, serve cold dinners, dress provocatively, "become arrogant and believe themselves to be self-sufficient." At the extreme end of the spectrum of such thinking, see the horrific gang-rape story out of India; the victim has died.

"Is it possible that all of a sudden men have gone mad? We don’t believe it...The point is that more and more women provoke, fall into arrogance, believe [themselves] to be independent and exacerbate tensions...They should do a self-examination and think, did we ask for it?"