Blood On Their Hands: The Lying Monsters and Predators of the World

Abby Zimet

Whoah, that was incredible. NRA shill and loathsome human being Wayne LaPierre was up on the lecturn - taking NO questions - spouting his tone-deaf crap about how all this spilling of blood is the fault of videos! movies! monsters! Democrats! reporters! our own collective moral failings! the slant of the moon! But no: not guns. And how the only way to stop it is to get armed guards in all our schools because “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" - a neat sound bite but too bad every bit of research ever done says it's bullshit - and here comes CodePink holding up its truth-telling, LaPierre-obliterating banner, for several, long, silent moments, for all to see. Powerful video. Oh yeah: And there was just another shooting, this time in Pennsylvania. See Wayne stick to his surreal script.


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