All Further Articles for 2012-12-19

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Bulletproof the Kids
Worried about your kids? This holiday season, get them an Amendment II Ballistic Backpack, available in Disney Princess and Avengers styles. Or wait. Get the Centurion Tactical Vest for Children, the Ballistic Plate backpack shield, the La Rue Tactical Backpack Shield, "My Child's Pack" from Bullet Blocker. Yes. These things exist. Sales have been booming. We are lost, unless we change.
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School Officials Decide Dinosaurs Were In Fact Not Created on the Sixth Day
In response to Bobby Jindal's efforts to instill godliness in Louisiana schools through an $11-million-subsidized voucher program to private schools that teach Creationism - since ruled unconstitutional - the New Orleans school board has had enough. They've voted to ban science textbooks or teachers that "present creationism or intelligent design as science," as well as history texts based on Texas' "revisionist guidelines," thus ensuring students will no longer learn dinosaurs roamed the Garden of Eden and the Trail of Tears was God's way of bringing Christ to heathens. One point for reason. Miles to go.
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Take Flight, My Boy
If you can stand it, Veronique Pozner's eulogy for her six-year-old son Noah at one of the first two funerals held for the Newtown victims. Man.
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