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School Officials Decide Dinosaurs Were In Fact Not Created on the Sixth Day

by Abby Zimet

In response to Bobby Jindal's admittedly impressive efforts to instill more godliness in Louisiana schools by passing a sweeping voucher plan giving $11 million of taxpayers' money to private schools that teach Creationism - which a judge has since ruled unconsitutional - the sensible members of the school board of New Orleans Parish have had enough. Last night they voted to ban any science textbooks that "present creationism or intelligent design as science." They also banned any history textbooks "adjusted in accordance with the State of Texas revisionist guidelines and ruled no science teacher "shall teach any aspect of religious faith as science," thus ensuring students will no longer learn that dinosaurs roamed the Garden of Eden, the Trail of Tears was God's way of bringing heathens to Christ, and globalization is a precursor to the Rapture. One point for reason. Miles to go.

Christian evangelical and Creationism Museum founder Ken Ham does his thing.

And Bill Nye the Science Guy says, considerably more coherently,  fuhgettaboutit.


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