Today Here, Tomorrow...

Today Here, Tomorrow...

Abby Zimet

Over the weekend, there were shootings in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, (a three-year-old died) Michigan (two incidents), Utah, Tennessee and California, where police said there was "no connection" to the Sandy Hook shootings - though, obviously, they are all connected, having all happened in the same gun-saturated country and culture. These are just from a cursory look at the news; undoubtedly, there were many more. After a 1996 mass murder in Australia, legislators enacted sweeping gun control measurs. Since then, there hasn't been a single mass shooting, and violence has plummeted. From those of us who dropped our smiling kids at school this morning and had a tough few moments - nothing, virtually nothing, compared to what too many others are enduring - a question: How hard is it to figure out the link here? More powerful toons here.

From research on the effectiveness of Australia's stricter gun laws: “It would have been difficult to imagine more compelling future evidence of a beneficial effect.”

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