Heathens Greetings, Again

Abby Zimet

Good morning, pagans, agnostics and other morally questionable types: It's time once again for the Fox-News-sponsored, rage-spouting War on Christmas. Thus, we have the billboard erected by atheists in Times Square declaring Jesus "a myth," the bus signs installed by the state/church watchdog Freedom from Religion Foundation in Alaska announcing “Enjoy Life Now: There Is No Afterlife” and “Yes, Virginia, there is no God" - along with their "natural nativity scene" at the Wisconsin State Capitol celebrating the winter solstice with an astronaut "angel" alongside Darwin, Einstein, Emma Goldman and Thomas Jefferson - and a spectrum of reactions to same, from middle-of-the-roaders who argue there should be "room at the inn" for all points of view to the Catholic spokesman who calls such goings-on "vile," the talk show host who suggests fisticuffs as the remedy and the ever-reliable Bill O'Reilly who fumes that "Christianity is not a religion" and "We have to start to fight back against these people." Jon Stewart begs to differ, noting in an increasingly hysterical rant that Christmas has, in fact, now grown so big it's eating other holidays.

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The War on Christmas: Friendly Fire Edition - Bill O'Reilly's Philosophy
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