All Further Articles for 2012-12-13

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Monopoly's Forgotten Socialist Beginnings: Private Property as "Erroneous and Destructive Principle”
This week Nigeria became the first African country to launch its own version of Monopoly, which officials hope will teach "financial literacy." Irony alert: Long ago, in another galaxy, the world's best-selling, capitalism-loving board game began life as a way to spread the teachings of a radical 19th-century writer who hoped to “open the way to a realization of the noble dreams of socialism” with government-run social services and public-owned utilities. Much more great stuff. Zinn's People's History, lost again. “So long as all the increased wealth which modern progress brings goes but to build up great fortunes...progress is not real and cannot be permanent.” - Henry George.
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Heathens Greetings, Again
Good morning, pagans, agnostics and other questionable types: It's time for the annual Fox-News-sponsored, rage-spouting War on Christmas. Thus, we have a billboard in Times Square declaring Jesus "a myth," bus signs in Alaska announcing “Yes, Virginia, there is no God" - along with a "natural nativity scene" celebrating winter solstice with Darwin, Einstein, and Emma Goldman - and disparate reactions to same, from shrugging tolerance to Bill O'Reilly fuming, "We have to start to fight back against these people." Jon Stewart, though, notes Christmas has grown so big it's eating other holidays.
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