All Further Articles for 2012-12-12

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
WTF Michigan?
What, union-busting wasn't enough? Now Michigan's lame-duck, GOP-controlled legislature is set to allow concealed weapons in former "gun-free" zones like schools, churches, hospitals and sports stadiums, because, really, what goes together better than armed yahoos and The Big House on a football afternoon packed with thousands of raging, screaming fans? Lawmakers did some other stuff to make it even easier to pack; evidently that's just the beginning of their opportunistic lurch to the right.
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Falling Is Still Flying: A Eulogy for #Occupy
A raw, bleak, ultimately hopeful look back at the season of Occupy - the inspiration it sparked, its dirt and darkness, its cause of economic justice coupled with its fierce need "to serve each other, to keep each other whole and safe," its role as "messenger from the future, not so much fighting the system as explaining to the old way of doing things that it had already lost," its gutting by both internal and external forces but also its enduring spirit as seen in Occupy Sandy and elsewhere. From Wired.
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Pinpointed: Continuously In Fear of Imminent Death
Once more, Gaza's children have seen and heard terrible things: siblings and parents blown apart, homes flattened, bombs falling, glass shattering, bodies in the streets. As Gazans now struggle to return to ordinary, difficult life, a vast majority of Gaza's 950,000 children likewise struggle with trauma and its symptoms, from nightmares and bedwetting to panic at loud noises and what one report terms "fear of imminent death." So much for the infamous Israeli line, "There are no innocents in Gaza." MECA is trying to help.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
A Matter of Priority: End Homelessness or Buy Christmas Lights?
The federal government has reduced the numbers of chronically homeless and homeless veterans, but the numbers of homeless overall have stayed steady at close to 700,000, says a new report. The thing is: Officials also say homelessness in the U.S. could be "effectively eradicated" for about $20 billion a year - or, notes ThinkProgress , what the country spends on Christmas decorations.
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