Rove (Finally) Deemed Too Embarrassing Even for Fox

Rove (Finally) Deemed Too Embarrassing Even for Fox

Abby Zimet

Karl Rove has been benched at least for now by Fox News' Roger Ailes, evidently not so much for being an all-round incompetent hack and thug or architect of an immoral war that cost thousands of lives or loser of many millions of rich people's money, but because of that little matter of his election-night, on-camera meltdown over whether Obama did or did not win Ohio, even though everyone's numbers, even Fox', said he did. Also benched is Dick Morris, he of the Romney landslide prediction. Producers will now have to get permission to show either of their ugly mugs on the tee vee machine. Reality: 1, ill-informed, mean-spirited fantasy: 0. In case you'll miss them, here's video of their most memorably off-the-wall moments.

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