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Post-Election Republican Numbers Are Down And Positions Are Extreme and Behavior Resembles Other Species In Decline

by Abby Zimet

A new poll from Public Policy Polling finds Republicans are taking the election results pretty hard, and sometimes pretty weirdly. For starters, 49% - slightly down from 2008 - believe ACORN stole the election for Obama, even though ACORN doesn't exist anymore. Only about half want to stay part of our blessed union - the other half either want to secede or can't figure out where they should go, though Australia is said to be nice this time of year - and only a third have an opinion about Bowles/Simpson, a number only slightly higher than those with an opinion about Panetta/Burns, a mythical Clinton staffer/former GOP Senator who also doesn't exist. Hardly anyone knows Grover Norquist, fewer yet like him, and nobody gives a rat's ass about his stupid tax pledge. Lastly, Republicans are dwindling: Since the election, there has been a 5% increase in those who identify as Democrats, and a 5% decrease in those who identify as Republican. May they go to their rest in peace.

Rachel Maddow on the incomprehensible actions of Senate Republicans:


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