All Further Articles for 2012-12-04

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Post-Election Republican Numbers Are Down And Positions Are Extreme and Behavior Resembles Other Species In Decline
A new poll finds that Republicans are taking the election results hard, and often weirdly. For starters, 49% believe ACORN stole the election for Obama, even though ACORN doesn't exist anymore. Only about half want to remain in our blessed union, and only a third have an opinion about Bowles/Simpson - a number only slightly higher than those with an opinion about Panetta/Burns, which also doesn't exist. Nobody knows or likes Grover Norquist. And the number of those claiming the GOP as their spiritual home is down 5%. May they go to their rest in peace. Update : Rachel has more on right-wing wackiness.
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Mon Dieu: A Surreal Silver Spandexed Call To Bigotry
Ingenious French opponents of gay marriage have taken to the streets to insist that parenting means "un papa, une maman" by staging supremely strange flash mobs that feature a spandexed dude with wings flitting between the papas and mamans to represent... uh, actually, we're not sure what. But it sure is entertaining.
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Just What Is A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy?
In a relatively benign case involving the alleged sale of bald eagle feathers, a court has again raised pretty scary concerns about limits on technology-abetted government surveillance by ruling police can secretly videotape a home without a warrant. Given several similar recent cases, critics argue we shouldn't have to "live under a rock in the wilderness somewhere" to avoid pervasive monitoring. At what point are we making too available "a substantial quantum of intimate information about any person whom the Government, in its unfettered discretion, chooses to track"? - Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
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