All Further Articles for 2012-11-30

Friday, November 30, 2012
This Is Cardboard. Also Entirely Recycled, Water and Fireproof, and Dirt Cheap.
Using the princi ples of origami , Israeli inventor and bike freak Izhar Gafni has crafted the greenest trans portation ever - a $20 bike made of recycled cardboard, with recycled rubber wheels, treated with non-toxics to render it immune to both water and fire . Production is slated to begin soon, with kids' bikes and wheelchairs next. Target audience: rural areas in develo ping countries. Cool video.
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A (Scary) Cautionary Tale
A new study finds that B.P.'s Deepwater Horizon oil spill of almost five million gallons wasn't nearly as disastrous as the two million gallons of dispersants used to clean it up - which, when mixed with oil, becomes up to 52 times more toxic to small organisms. The suggestion arises: It's past time to get the science right.
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Good Cop, Bad Cop: Buy 'Em Boots, Move 'Em On
So this happened. Larry DePrimo, a young NYPD cop, saw a barefoot homeless guy on a cold night in Times Square, felt bad, bought him boots, had his picture taken, and saw it go viral on the NYPD's Facebook page, prompting much awww-isn't-that-nice press for a department that can use it. To be clear: DePrimo seems like a swell guy, who did a swell thing, and bravo to him. The NYPD is another, more complicated story. The police "shouldn't just be good to one of us. They need to be good to us all." - Vernon, a homeless man.
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On Hearts and Minds
In the wake of the U.N. vote giving Palestine observer state status - 138-9, with only Israel, Canada, the U.S. and a handful of others voting no - debate rages as to what the vote does or doesn't mean. But many argue that, even if largely symbolic, the vote could ultimately signal vital change for Palestinians. For now, it may be enough to simply savor the triumphant photos of Palestinians celebrating a too-rare victory. From one observer: "When did hearts and minds become insignificant?"
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