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Occupy Sandy: Liberating Tarps In A Dickensian City

Occupy Sandy: Liberating Tarps In A Dickensian City

Abby Zimet

Egalitarian-minded residents fed up with seeing two unequal post-Sandy New Yorks - one a cold dark wasteland where people still wait hours in line for blankets and crackers, fill milk jugs with water from hydrants and shovel toxic debris by candlelight, the other a gleaming metropolis where "the gears of capitalism grind away" - have by-passed "clueless FEMA workers standing around in their government-issued rain jackets" and quietly begun removing thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment from idle construction sites slated to become luxury apartments, redistributing the urgently needed supplies to hard-hit working-class neighborhoods in Coney and Staten Island, Brooklyn's Red Hook and Queens. To each according to his or her need.



















































































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