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The GOP Leaves No Billionaire Behind, Part 672

Abby Zimet

For those of you who know the infamous fiscal cliff looms but whose eyes glaze at the murky talk of deduction caps and rate clawbacks, a cogent look at how the GOP, in the current political climate, hopes to protect the super-rich plutocrats who constitute its most important donor base from its requisite surrender on taxes: by offering up the slightly rich 20% as human shields to protect the 0.0001% from the demands of the 47%. Who says Republicans don’t do math: See the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office report that back them up.

"You really can’t help but be impressed by the GOP’s absolute iron determination to defend the highest reaches of the plutocracy against any and all comers, including themselves...But you do have to wonder whether those who inhabit the lower reaches (are) going to meekly agree to be their cannon fodder."

Update: A new poll finds most Americans favor taxing the rich. What a shocker.

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