All Further Articles for 2012-11-27

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Occupy Sandy: Liberating Tarps In A Dickensian City
Egalitarian-minded residents fed up with seeing two post-Sandy New Yorks - one a cold dark wasteland where people still wait in line for blankets, fill milk jugs with water from hydrants and shovel toxic debris by candlelight , the other a gleaming metropolis where " the gears of capitalism grind away" - have by-passed "clueless FEMA workers standing around (in) government-issued rain jackets" and quietly begun taking tools and materials from luxury construction sites and redistributing them to hard-hit working-class areas. To each according to his or her need.
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How Badly Do We Want Our Cheap Stuff, No Matter How It's Made and At What Cost?
Officials now say the deadly fire at the Tazreen factory in Bangladesh that killed at least 124 workers was deliberately set. Even as Walmart reluctantly acknowledged its connections to the disaster, a labor rights group cited a dozen other brands made there, company executives called themselves "victims," and The Rude Pundit wondered at what point we carry blame for insisting on cheap stuff made by young women toiling in slave-like conditions for 21 cents an hour.
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The GOP Leaves No Billionaire Behind, Part 672
For those of you who know the infamous fiscal cliff looms but whose eyes glaze at the murky talk of deduction caps, a cogent look at how the GOP, in the current political climate, hopes to protect the super-rich plutocrats who fund it from a requisite surrender on taxes. In an incestuous class warfare - and with impressive math acumen - they would offer up the somewhat rich 20% as human shields to protect the 0.0001% from the demands of the 47%. "You can’t help but be impressed by the GOP’s absolute iron determination to defend the highest reaches of plutocracy against any and all comers, including themselves... But you do have to wonder whether those who inhabit the lower reaches (will) meekly agree to be cannon fodder." Update : A new poll finds most Americans want to tax the rich. What a shocker.
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Monday, November 26, 2012
Milky Way
Angry dairy farmers from across Euro pe took to the streets of Brussels to protest high quotas and low prices, blocking traffic with tractors and s praying torrents of milk at the European Parliament and riot police guarding it. Wild.
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Truth to Power: The Fastest Way to Shut Up Fox News
Though they invited him, Fox News couldn't get rid of Pulitzer Prize-winning defense reporter Thomas Ricks fast enough after he charged on air that Fox acted like "a wing of the Republican Party" when they shamelessly hyped and politicized the Benghazi attacks. Ha: See Fox frantically abort the interview with a calm, classy Ricks.
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