Denmark's New Normal: Exploitation 101

Denmark's New Normal: Exploitation 101

Abby Zimet

Lipstick On A Pig: Seeking to "restore trust" and "set new standards" in financial behemoths, Danske Bank, Denmark's troubled largest bank, has launched a new ad campaign splashed with super-cool images of wind turbines, gay and women's rights and Occupy protesters - despite the fact that the bank has cut thousands of jobs, closed branches in small towns, refused loans to small businesses, has no women on its board, is viewed as one of the larger contributors to the country's housing market crash, has taken on a controversial expansion into Ireland, and is known for a p.r. stunt wherein it gave away hundreds to single-use, non-biodegradable plastic bags stuffed with plastic trinkets to prove how green they are. From one furious commenter among many: "Hey bankers, do you think we've forgotten that you are the über-bad guys?" Meanwhile, here at home, the billionaires of Fix the Debt argue we all really need to tighten our belts so they can make more billions. Not sure what's more stunning: The blind greed, or the arrogance of their assumption that nobody will notice.

"Hello, bank-types, will you have us believe that now you are a kind of socially beneficial institution rather than a profit-focused business...Do you think we have already forgotten that, as a part of the banking system, you are one of the über bad guys in the current economic situation the world finds itself in now? You could start with an advertisement with the slogan "Forgive us," followed by a marked drop in pay for those people whose greedy decisions and frayed morality is an essential part of the problem. It would be new standards we at least would consider to take seriously."



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