All Further Articles for 2012-11-17

Saturday, November 17, 2012
As History Repeats Itself in Gaza, a Plea for Help
Writing from Gaza, director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Raji Sourani pleads with the international community to not forget the Palestinians: Our demand is not extravagant, or unreasonable. We simply want to be treated as equals. We ask that our rights be respected, that so-called universal human rights be extended to the Gaza Strip. We demand justice and accountability. We dream of a normal life, in freedom and dignity.
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Enough With the Lamentations
Jon Stewart skewers, simmers and roasts right-wing, post-election hysteria at the fact that change happens. Excellent. "You don't need to worry... What you are demonstrating is the health and vitality of America's greatest tradition - a fevered, frightened ruling class lamenting the rise of a new ethnically and religiously diverse new class. One that will destroy all that is virtuous and good and bring the American experiment crashing to the ground."
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Friday, November 16, 2012
Skateistan, or Making Taliban Heads Explode
Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich started Skateistan, Afghanistan's first co-ed skate school, five years ago with a handful of kids. Now his 400 students - many of them street kids, 40% of them girls - come for the skateboarding and stay for the education. There are branches in Pakistan and Cambodia, and there's a film: "To Live And Skate Kabul." To live and make life better, any way that works.
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I Say, We Are Children
As the violence in Gaza escalates - at least 46 Palestinians dead, including eight children, and over 400 injured, almost all civilians - stories and photos emerge. They are hard to listen to, look at, think on. But bearing witness is the least we can do. Israel's crimes, says one observer, "are reminders of what happens when eliminationist settler-colonialism hits the will of a people which refuse to die."
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