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Shockingly Less Than: Choosing a Dying Fetus Over A Living Woman

by Abby Zimet

Savita Halappanavar, a Hindu dentist, died after she arrived at an Irish hospital miscarrying at 17 weeks of a wanted pregnancy, spent three days in agony repeatedly asking for an abortion of her non-viable fetus, and was just as repeatedly denied because, "This is a Catholic country." A woman left to suffer and die, her life sacrificed to that of a fetus that would not live, in the name of an ideology that deems a non-viable fetus more important than a living, breathing, 31-year-old woman - this is a horror. She deserved to live. So do the nearly 22 million women worldwide who undergo unsafe abortions each year; so did the 47,000 women who each year die from them. Many protests, with the same message. Never again.

From her husband, engineer Praveen Halappanavar