All Further Articles for 2012-11-09

Friday, November 9, 2012
A Tale of Two Guys
Two revealing news snippets about the two men we did and did not elect this week. Late on election night, Romney staffers trying to take cabs or eat out or fly home had a rude surprise: Unannounced, their campaign credit cards had already been cancelled. Once a prince, always a prince. The next day, Obama delivered a gracious, tearful speech to his campaign workers that's gone viral.
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Apps and Activism: Imagine What John Would Make of It
John Lennon's legacy lives on, in righteous, sometimes improbable ways. The same week Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon put up this billboard, part of their Artists Against Fracking campaign urging Gov. Cuomo to consider the health effects of fracking in New York, it was announced parts of John's letters - many mere jumbled notes or lists one critic calls "scraps of paper turned into bank notes" - will be released as apps. Sigh. Time and capitalism march on.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012
Evolution Is A Thing, and Other Real Facts In A Real Country Rick Perry or Scott Will Not Save Even If They Tilt So Far Right They Fall Off the (Warming) Planet
The post-election meltdown on the right continues, not with thoughtful, factual analysis but with posturing, finger- pointing and teeth- gnashing. Now Bryan Fischer suggests the election was a "sobering setback for morality, economic sanity, political reality and common sense" whose remedy is for the GOP to "go bold, go big, go conservative" by veering further right, blocking every commie bill in sight, and recruiting the fringe likes of Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker or the Ricks. Wow, that bubble's tough to burst. To hel p get the GO P back to earth, Rachel Maddow at her best offers an e pic , cogent reality check.
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