Evolution Is A Thing, and Other Real Facts In A Real Country Rick Perry or Scott Will Not Save Even If They Tilt So Far Right They Fall Off the (Warming) Planet

Abby Zimet

The post-election meltdown on the right continues, not with thoughtful, factual, demographics-based analysis, but ever more bizarre posturing and gnashing of teeth. Now the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer suggests that the election - aka "Pearl Harbor" - was "a truly sobering setback for morality, economic sanity, political reality and common sense in our nation’s shared public life,"  and that the way for the GOP to fight "the socialism of the Democrat Party" is to "go bold, go big, go conservative" by blocking every commie bill in sight and recruiting a Real Conservative like Rick Perry (his  personal favorite), Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker or Rick Scott. Wow, that bubble sure is tough to burst. To help get the GOP back to earth - and remind those who continue to argue there's no difference between Romney and Obama that in fact, corporate links and dismal deadly foreign policy notwithstanding, there is - Rachel Maddow at her best offers a cogent, urgent reality check.

From the hysterical, Wagnerian right (check out that music!):

From the entirely sensible Maddow:

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