Many Iowans Evidently Unhappy With Paper's Romney Endorsement, Judging From Flood of Furious Letters

Abby Zimet

Iowans are some pissed at their hometown paper's inexplicable Romney endorsement, slamming it as temporary insanity, magical thinking and  foolishness on a par with their last endorsement of a Republican - Richard Nixon in '72. Many are cancelling subscriptions; others just want to have their say. Either way, it's encouraging to see folks speaking out. And MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell echoes them.

From a few letters:

"Don’t even try explaining to us how you can devote so much space to children going hungry in Iowa and then endorse Mitt Romney –because we have cancelled our subscription."

"I am canceling the subscription to the Des Moines Register I have had for many years. I cannot trust the validity of the news conveyed by an editorial staff that endorses a power-hungry candidate for president who dons a different set of principles like a set of clothing every morning. The Register has abandoned the health and welfare of needy children which, ironically, it chronicled recently, of women, and of the middle class in general."

"The last time the Register endorsed a Republican candidate for president was the 1972 election. How did that work for you?"

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