Shameless Scumbag Again and Again and Again and....

Abby Zimet

Ugh. Okay, Mitt's lies, scams and all-round repugnant moves are piling up so fast we're going to bundle 'em to get 'em all in before the next batch comes flying in like so much toxic sludge from Sandy. Take your pick. His so-called, carefully staged Ohio "storm relief" event in which staffers bought $5,000 of stuff from Wal-Mart and handed it out so Mitt could pretend he was accepting hurricane donations that, as it turns out, the Red Cross doesn't want - with a particularly damning look at what his vision of "disaster relief" shows. His "staggeringly dishonest" radio ads, following up on similar TV ads whose inaccuracy was unusually blasted by the medis, blaming Obama for Chrysler moving Jeep to China - which entirely false claim the company itself called "campaign politics at its cynical worst" in "some parallel universe." The revelation that Romney used a complicated and now outlawed loophole to essentially rent the tax-exempt status of a nonprofit - in this case, the Mormon church - in order to defer or lower his tax rate for 15 years, while not actually giving much to the charity itself. The look at a 2004 incident after Peabody, Mass. flooded when Gov. Romney vetoed flood prevention money - some said because he simply didn't have a clue how the state's infrastructure and government worked - then lied about not getting information on it, and then showboated for the cameras the next time the city, inevitably, flooded. Wow. So much scumbaggery, so little time.

Peabody, Mass. officials on Romney's failure to fund flood prevention: "This was not unusual for him. He didn’t understand infrastructure improvements. It was just the bottom line. He never visited communities. He never understood the issues...His understanding of why you have government - I don't think he ever had it."

New Yorkers vote with their gum

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