All Further Articles for 2012-10-31

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Trick Or Treat Or Getting By
Kids are bumming in areas hard hit by Sandy, where Halloween has been cancelled, postponed or downsized. But for those of us lucky enough to escape relatively unharmed, sugary life goes on. Because we can all use an occasional break, the greatest costume(s) ever. Stay safe, all.
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Stein Arrested 'Connecting the Dots' at Keystone Site
The Green Party's Jill Stein became the 33rd person arrested at the Keystone blockade in Texas when she brought supplies to treesitters who have spent two months trying to block the pipeline. Linking the ravages of Sandy with climate change, Stein criticized Obama and Romney as "pipeline politicians." “I’m here to connect the dots between climate devastation and pipeline politicians – both Obama and Romney – who are competing (for) the role of Puppet In Chief for the fossil fuel industry."
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Shameless Scumbag Again and Again and Again and....
Ugh. Okay, Mitt's lies and scams are piling up so fast we have to bundle 'em to get 'em all in before the next batch flies in like so much toxic sludge from Sandy. His staged Ohio "storm relief" event where staffers bought and handed out $5,000 of Wal-Mart stuff so Mitt could pretend to accept donations the Red Cross doesn't want. His "staggeringly dishonest" radio ads on Chrysler moving Jeep to China which the company itself called "campaign politics at its cynical worst." The revelation he used a now-outlawed loophole to "rent" the tax-exempt status of the Mormon church to defer paying taxes. The 2004 disaster in Peabody, Mass. when as governor he vetoed flood prevention money, lied about it, then showboated for cameras when the city, inevitably, flooded again. Wow. So much scumbaggery, so little time.
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Bigger But Quieter Than Koch: Wisconsin's Web of Dark Dirty Money
If you thought Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers and Romney's misinformation-spewing "poll watchers" were the most scary thing coming out of Wisconsin, think again. An investigation by One Wisconsin Now and The Grio finds that bogus billboards across Milwaukee's low-income and minority neighborhoods were funded by the little-known Bradley Family Foundation, which has spent close to $1 billion to spread the lie of voter fraud and other favorite right-wing causes.
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