All Further Articles for 2012-10-30

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
An Election Message From the Greatest If Somewhat Foul-Mouthed Generation
Your grandmother and some of her fellow-travellers at the nursing home have a few cogent words on Romney and the only way - fraud - he could win this election. Hint: They include “cock punch." From Michael Moore and Voters Rising . Way to go smashing stereotypes.
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It Takes A Village Of (Public and Often Union) Workers
While many of us don't like much of what government does in our name, disasters - and the thousands of public workers, most unionized, who save our butts and douse our fires and restore our lights - are potent reminders of what it does right. The oblivious Romney et al would have us rely on "the private sector," because the profit motive has always so inspired the greedy to take care of those most in need, right? You want to see care? Check out the nurses "breathing" for babies after a NYC hospital lost all its power - and then consider those babies' futures, if they happen to be poor, under R/R.
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