We (Heart) Horses, Drones, Teachers, Israel, Mali and Targeted Killings

We (Heart) Horses, Drones, Teachers, Israel, Mali and Targeted Killings

Abby Zimet

Ugh. From Mittens' insightful analysis at last night's debate we now know tumult is everywhere, Pakistan is important, Syria is Iran's route to the sea, we have never dictated to the world, he wants to get bad guys just like Obama but louder and here's what genocide by rhetoric looks like. From Obama we learned he knows more but wants to get bad guys too, preferably by robots from the sky, which thankfully were discussed for all of 4 seconds. Missing from the conversation: Climate change, Palestinians, Europe, hunger. Neither Martha Raddatz nor Candy Crowley, two lady-type persons who moderated earlier debates, would have let that debacle wander as it did. We thank Charles Pierce for his pithy outrage and Rachel Maddow for her heartfelt horror at the potential human cost of Romney's blithe, brazen, "soulless shape shifting" on Afghanistan. And, obviously, there's a Horses and Bayonets hashtag and Facebook page.

The Romney blimp crashed in Florida yesterday. No, really.

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