All Further Articles for 2012-10-19

Friday, October 19, 2012
We Say Fight Back
Angry workers from Sensata and other Bain-owned companies unfurled a 40-foot anti-Romney banner at his Boston campaign headquarters, and then protested the Romney/Bain model at Bain Capital’s headquarters as part of a 14-state bus tour. Romney, they charged, “would treat the United States like a business acquisition.”
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Just Study It Out Buddy: Annals of Right-Wing Idiocy
Illinois Tea Partier Joe Walsh is the latest moron to confirm Ellsberg, Chomsky et al are right: There are not as many differences as there should be between the major candidates, but enough to matter. After telling bosses to harass employees into voting Republican, Walsh said he opposes abortion with no exceptions because "science" ensures no woman's life is endangered by pregnancy. More wisdom from the right - Todd Akin on evolution, Fox on the semantics of "terror attack," communist Obama etc. - in More. Video.
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You're Just Not: Solitary Confinement Is Torture, In Iran and Pelican Bay
Shane Bauer, one of three U.S. hikers imprisoned in Iran, visits California's infamous Pelican Bay State Prison for a horrifying look at solitary confinement in its Security Housing Unit (SHU), full of inmates charged with gang affiliation for "offenses" like having drawings of dragons or left-wing and prisoners' rights literature. Bauer missed human contact so badly during his four months in solitary, "I woke every morning hoping to be interrogated." The U.N. defines more than 15 minutes in solitary as torture or cruel and unusual; 89 inmates have been in the SHU for over 20 years. From Mother Jones.
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