All Further Articles for 2012-10-16

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Birth Control Causes Gay Men, Undesirability, Black Babies, Bestiality, Death and More Gay Men, Say Nuns
An Ohio order of Catholic nuns called the Children of Mary has released a mind-boggling video showing we are all doomed due to the 99% of sexually active women who are contracepting, which isn't even a word, but anyway. And more gay men! "What is a man to do when the majority of women are contracepting and he no longer finds them desirable?"
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Planting the Seed
Dad of the Week Award goes to Randy Duke, who spent much of his time home from Afghanistan marching in front of his son Max' middle school in Texas to protest Max being suspended for standing up to a bully harassing a special needs student. Max is back in school after officials cut short his suspension. "I left one war and came back to another. This is not about this one bully - this is about the school district not standing up."
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If Mitt Was A Gay Latina
With Latino voters leaning toward Obama or sitting out the election, Rosie Perez commiserates with Romney's many hardships as a rich white boy. The first in a series of "Actually...." videos from Jewish Council for Education and Research and American Bridge.
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L.A. Fracking Study By and For Gas Industry, Not L.A.
A long-awaited report that could open the floodgates for fracking in LA County - the largest western urban oil field in the country with over 15 billion barrels of oil - turns out to have been carried out by a "consulting firm" with strong ties to TransCanada/Keystone, funded by the operator of the L.A. oil field, and reviewed by "independent firms" with strong ties to the oil and gas industry. The study found - surprise! - "no harm" from fracking.
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