Half the Sky

Half the Sky


Tuesday is the last day to view online the four-hour PBS documentary based on the work of Nicholas Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn about global violence against women - from sex abuse and trafficking to genital mutilation to lack of pre-natal and other kinds of health care - in which Kristof travels to some of the world's poorest countries, including Sierra Leone, Cambodia, India and Somaliland, where 1 in 12 women die in childbirth. There's been criticism and controversy about Kristof's role as a white male journalist - and why bring American actresses with him? - but there's no denying he has brought attention to an issue too long negected. Here's Somaliland. Much more.

Watch Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity- EP 2 on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.

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