Lady Parts Justice: It's Time to Stop Being Polite

Lady Parts Justice: It's Time to Stop Being Polite

Abby Zimet

Noting that women don't fake rape or have magical powers to deactivate rape sperm or get abortions without being pregnant - nor should they have probes shoved in their vaginas against their will "because the government has elected shitwits who think women are such irrational idiots that the government knows best about what is right for them, their bodies and their futures" - political satirist and The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead has created a new website, Lady Parts Justice, to fight the "hundreds of creepy laws passed that strip away a woman's right to privacy and access to healthcare." She isn't fooling around.

"It is laughable that leaders of a country that recently led us into an unplanned war, doesn’t plan for the solvency of a healthcare system for our elderly and our poor, AND not only doesn’t plan for, but also demonizes, scientific evidence that shows our changing climate will destroy us all, would THINK THEY HAVE SOME MORAL OR LEGAL AUTHORITY to decide how a woman should deal with an unplanned pregnancy."

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