Like A Thief Stole the Night

Like A Thief Stole the Night

Abby Zimet

Ugh. We couldn't make it through that painful farce of a "debate," during  which a weary Obama somehow couldn't get it together to mention the words 'Bain,' '47%,' 'women's health,' 'flip-flop,' 'entitlement' or 'lying sack of hypocrisy' - never mind his ludicrous and wholly unwarranted attack on Big Bird, who with his friends represents just one hundredth of one percent of the federal budget, and who 70% of Americans support. Most of what Romney said was untrue, which may or may not matter to the elusive "undecideds";   ThinkProgress details 27 of his most flagrant myths/lies. To get the sour taste out of your mouth, the ever-lovely and hard-hitting Chris Floyd on all that "thunder and rattle."

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