Good News You People! Ryan Only Thinks 30% of You Are Moochers, Losers and Welfare Queens!

Abby Zimet

In a newly unearthed video of his keynote speech at last November's The American Spectator's 2011 Robert L. Bartley Gala Dinner, Paul Ryan offers an eerie preview of Romney's now-infamous 47% remarks, charging that 70% of the country still "want the American Dream" but 30% are malingerers who just "want a welfare state." America, he worries, is turning into "takers, not makers." Yeah, we kinda know what he means. Wow, what a pair of mean-spirited, oblivious, entitled creeps. His full speech here if you can stomach it. Also, just in case you think he's changed his mind, a speech he gave Tuesday in which he says that business owners are what "make this country great." And a bonus: Bad Lip Reading takes on Ryan's video diary.



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