All Further Articles for 2012-10-01

Monday, October 1, 2012
The Worst of the Worst
When 650 members of community, labor and faith organizations rallied in Elwood, Illinois in support of Walmart warehouse workers striking to protest “poverty wages,” sexual harassment and extreme work conditions, they were met with riot-gear-clad police and private security who surrounded them, roughly arrested all 47 who committed civil disobedience, and told the other peaceful protesters to disperse or risk “chemical or less lethal munitions being deployed.” Incredible, war-zone-like photos.
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Replanting the Orchard: The Long-Shot Vision of Bankers As Good Guys
In the wake of British banking misdeeds that sound dismally familiar - rate-fixing, bailouts, massive undeserved bonuses - the Church of England offers a scathing critique of a banking culture it says must repent for its sins and reinvent "a culture of the virtues." Bravely using "morality" and "banking" together, the Church told a Parlia­mentary commission the culture of banking shows a "blindness to the common good," for which it must offer "contrition." "One insight from the Christian tradition of penitence and forgiveness is that it is often not enough to put matters back to where they were before things went wrong; demonstration of a change of heart by means of restitution and a visibly robust refusal to let the same failings occur again is necessary."
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