All Further Articles for 2012-09-28

Friday, September 28, 2012
A Public Square Accessible At All Times to the People - Including Occupy
A judge has thrown out the arrests of 92 Occupy Chicago protesters last October as a violation of their First Amendment rights, slamming Rahm Emanuel - who had touted the city's handling of the protests - for selectively enforcing a curfew and trying to "discriminate against defendants based on their views." Judge Donnelly cited Grant Park's long history as "the quintessential public forum," including for many thousands who gathered there (unmolested) for Obama's election.
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Just So You Know: Voting Democratic Places the Eternal Salvation of Your Soul In Serious Jeopardy
Not that there's anything wrong with it, but the Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield, Illinois, warns that Democrats have endorsed “intrinsic evils” like abortion rights and marriage equality whose support will lead you to the fires of hell - though, obviously, "my job is not to tell you for whom you should vote." Sorry Catholics, but Jesus. Bishop Thomas John Paprocki thus joins the growing ranks of Catholic officials citing eternal damnation to bolster right-wing political positions often at odds with their flock. Progressives among the faithful suggest, entirely reasonably, the ungodly tactic might backfire.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012
The Grim Harvester
More irresistible Mittens video from Mother Jones: From 1985 , Mitt explains that Bain Capital's goal was not to create jobs, like he keeps saying, but to buy stakes in undervalued companies and "harvest them at a significant profit." Nobody ever believed him anyway, but wow, talk about your excruciating smoking gun.
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Literature vs. Traffic
Wanting to see "literature (take) control of the streets," the anonymous Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus transformed downtown Melbourne into "a river of books," using 10,000 glowing donated books that were eventually claimed by spectators. The group uses light and social change as key themes in its exhibits, which have also featured plastic bags and the work of miners.
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