Oh Sweet Jesus: Getting So Bad It's Almost Good

Oh Sweet Jesus: Getting So Bad It's Almost Good

Abby Zimet

From Democratic Underground

The implosion of Mitt Romney's "campaign" is producing some jaw-dropping moments too bizarre to be real, except they are. To wit: See MSNBC's Joe Scarborough et al react to the excruciating spectacle of Mittens trying to get Ohioans to chant his name along with Ryan's, because, c'mon, I'm a good guy too, okay, c'mon now, pretty please...? Ouch. Even The Godfather's Fredo never sank so low.

Update: Whoah. Now he's getting heckled by protesters yelling not "Obama!" but simply "U.S.A.!, as if to protect the country he reportedly wants to run from his ravages. Watch his pained expression. Ouch redux.

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