All Further Articles for 2012-09-25

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Speaking Truth to Savagery
Following a court battle, those flamingly anti-Islam ads from Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (sic) - the ones touting the "savage vs. civilized man" - went up in ten New York subway stations this week. It didn't take long for residents to say what they thought of them. At last report, seven have gotten a truth-telling makeover and Twitter is abuzz. You gotta love New Yorkers. "In New York we speak 140 languages, and hate isn't one of them." Update : Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy and four others were arrested for "correcting" the posters, declaring them hate speech.
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On Voting Rights: You Want Fair, Move to Canada, Hippie
For National Voter Registration Day, and in recognition of a study finding that voter I.D. laws could disenfranchise up to 10 million eligible Latinos, a riotously profane video from Sarah Silverman blasting those laws. The ad was paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, which might or might not regret it. "Hey black people, poor people, old people and students, guess what you all have in common? Lawmakers are trying to f#/@k you in your a#%holes."
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Go Rachel!
Evidently fueled by the Mittens tape - and her own smarts, wit and dogged reporting - Rachel Maddow pulled in top ratings last week, besting Hannity and the other Fox clowns. Lawrence O'Donnell also came in first, giving MSNBC the best week since 2008 and the rest of us a glimmer of hope for a modestly well-informed electorate.
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Monday, September 24, 2012
Anonymous' NYPD Footage
Members of Anonymous have released sixty hours of footage, and a highlight video on YouTube , from the largely blacked-out raid last November by the NYPD that dismantled Occupy's Zucotti Park. Both could be useful for ongoing legal actions against the police.
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Mitt Romney, Science Whiz
Another day, another Mitt-icism from the robot who fell to earth. Concerned about a fire on Ann's plane, the candidate wondered why airplane windows don't open, which he called "a real problem," which is what you might call the hilarity that ensued online, which culminated in the assurance that if you do get sucked out of an open window, you can go to the E.R.
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