Muslim Rage, Sort Of

Muslim Rage, Sort Of

Abby Zimet

Online wiseacres, many of them Muslim, are having a fine old time responding to Newsweek's screamingly Islamophobic cover story on "MUSLIM RAGE," in which angry protests by several thousand out of over 1.6 billion people are seen to represent "the mainstream of contemporary Islam" and "the defining characteristic of Islam." More rage here, here, here.

From Twitter, on What Muslims Are Angry About: 

"Shawarma with no garlic sauce?"

"Halal beer has 0.3% alcohol?"

"A new column by Thomas Friedman."

"Lost nephew at the airport but can't yell for him because his name is Jihad."

"When you machine wash your dry clean only burqa."

"Man next to me on subway reading Koran on his Samsung Galaxy tablet just offered his seat to an older lady. truly affects us all."

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