Tangible Risks: Making Money In A Warming World

Tangible Risks: Making Money In A Warming World

Abby Zimet

From the London-based Carbon Disclosure Project, an annual update on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies at the world’s largest corporations. Over 80% - up 10% from last year - recognize climate change as a threat, but only one fifth are setting the necessary targets to do anything about it, with many reducing emissions by just 1%. They're also ranked by their transparency in communicating climate efforts to nervous investors; Bayer and Nestle (?!) top the list, Apple and Amazon bring it home. All this corporate strategizing is, of course, in the name of the bottom line, not the future of humanity, but we'll take what we can get. Either way, they'd better hurry. A terrifying animated video from NASA shows 130 years of global warming in 30 seconds.

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