All Further Articles for 2012-09-12

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Creature Comforts
The world is too much with us; enough bipeds for the day. For solace, see the creatures of the earth grieve, fish, demand equal pay, and, through the magic of the Internet, endure public shaming for our amusement.
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Rash. Crass. Shameful. Craven. Contemptible. Irresponsible. BAD.
The best headline on Romney's stunningly inappropriate response to the violence in Libya, from Upworthy: "Mitt Romney finds the line you shouldn't cross and dives under it." Should we gloat that he proves again there are vital things - heart, soul, brain, any semblance of principle - money can't buy, or mourn he's even part of a national conversation? Many brutal toons, richly deserved. If he was capable, Mittens could learn from the peaceful Libyans demonstrating.
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Big Picture: Boiling In Anger, Fighting For the Kids
The Chicago teachers' strike enters its third day with both sides "miles apart." For those of us miles away, it's easy to miss what a big story this is. Forthwith: background, national perspective, Rahm and the plutocracy, key facts, great photos, and what it means to “help or hurt our kids.” Solidarity. "If Mayor Emanuel, Secretary Duncan, and President Obama truly believe it's better to have a workforce of demoralized people fearful of losing their jobs at the administration's whim and tyrannized by standardized tests teaching the nation's children than working in good faith with their union representatives, they're fatally misreading the politics of (this) strike."
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Fox Finally Maybe Manages To Embarrass Themselves
After a long, fabled history of lies, mishaps, distortions and omissions, Fox & Friends has posted a graphic so egregiously dishonest even they couldn't stomach it, doubling the rate of unemployment under Obama by basically comparing apples to rutabaga. Fox plans to issue a correction, which is good. They probably assume not many of their 1 million viewers will notice, which is not. Here are 11 more oops' that likely got past their faithful fans.
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